I absolutely love space art and part of the reason for that is the huge creative freedom, you can make whatever you can imagine. And only a handful of very intelligent scientists on the planet can tell you it looks wrong, and they are far too busy to do that. Take a look at some of the best Photoshop sci-fi/space tutorials out there on the web.

An example of what you can create following my tutorials

This list is a collection of my tutorials here on Monstabot and random stuff on the web.

MonstaBot Tutorials

This is a list of the tutorials I have written.

Take a go at creating the interstellar black hole, this is a very simple version of the black hole but it will give you a good foundation to move forward with. I focused my attention on creating the excretion discs and best of all it’s all done with Photoshop filters, no photos needed.

Create your own fiery star with a surface of plasma, just like the black hole tutorial this one is done with Photoshop filters and no photos are needed.

Create a very realistic planet in photoshop using aerial imagery from NASA, I also made the effort of setting this up so that you can paint darkness on and off non-destructively. You can also add city lights which also update non-destructively with the shaded areas.

Kick start your planet texture map with this tutorial, I show you how to generate a rock texture using Photoshop filters.

Recreate the Light-speed effect from Star Wars using brush strokes and the radial blur filter.

If you haven’t already please subscribe to my YouTube Channel not all the videos I upload become tutorials here on Monstabot some are time lapses of me making stuff.

Around the Web

Some great tutorials I have come across.

I recently created a gas giant and unbeknown to me, this artist and I stumbled upon an almost identical technique, mine is on the way soon.

This one uses some very clever blending to get the clouds, something I had never thought of.

If you fancy a go at creating more dreamy hand-painted nebulas this guy has nailed it. An incredible hand painted nebula tutorial, warning his work is so good you will get jealous…

This is a list of my favourite space tutorials so far keep checking back though as I am always making new tutorials and discovering great tutorials by other people.


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