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The Cosmic Brush Pack

Requires Photoshop CC (2017+)

This brush pack was born from my obsession with trying to recreate Hubble telescope style imagery using nothing more than Photoshop filters and effects. This pack contains stars, twinkles, galaxies, black holes, space dust and my “Epic Nebula” brush.

What can you create with this brush pack?

To create the above image I combined the brushes with layer blending styles, its very easy to do and I include a similar demo file which demonstrates how I do it.

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Real Pastel Brush Pack

Requires Photoshop CC (2017+)

Made from real pastel scans and includes several dynamic brushes which are designed with digital landscape painting in mind. The dynamic brushes have been set up with textures that make the pastels look imperfect like real pastels.

What do the brushes look like for digital painting?

These brushes are great for adding texture and are very good at rendering water and reflections. They also do a great job of making grunge textures.

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