If you own or work on a website you will be aware of the need to resize images for the web so they do not take too long to load.

I work on a big site with over 6,000 products. Every season I download the full quality product photos from the suppliers. These photos are usually 2-4mb but in order to keep our site running smoothly we try to avoid uploading photos any bigger than 200kb sometimes 100kb if its possible

A typical batch of seasonal images would be 300-500 photos in total. So that’s 300+ photos that need to be resized and reduced to less than 200kb in file size.

Resizing the photo dimensions in Photoshop and then saving the new files into a new folder was easy. I just used the image processor and tell it to resize my images and apply some compression.

The problem was I never knew what size the outputted file will be. I could guess and adjust the quality but, I would often have to run the whole process several times to get file sizes close to 200kb.

This is pretty annoying and time-consuming when you are processing over 300 photos.

This may seem like overkill but I can assure you after much searching and trying, Photoshop cannot export multiple photos to under a specific size. (without a custom script)

I found one way to do this but it required me to import all the photos into Lightroom and export them, this was too time-consuming and tedious.

Fortunately, after much head scratching, I have found a quicker way to mass export photos to under a specific size.

This is done using Adobe Bridge via the Camera Raw Pugin

Don’t know what Adobe Bridge is? I have a post that explains it.

Adobe Bridge A Designers Best Friend

In Bridge

Camera Raw comes with either Photoshop or Lightroom, you will need one of these programs installed. I am a bit embarrassed to admit I was unaware Camera Raw could handle multiple photos at the same time.

So in Adobe Bridge highlight the photos you would like to edit. I have highlighted 3 Raw files each are 18mb. You can select many more photos of course and any other image format.

With the photos selected I select Camera Raw.

In Camera Raw I now have my 3 images loaded up. Next, I Select All. This will select all the photos I want to mass export.

And go to Save Images. This will open the following window.

This is where all the work is done. Here you can choose to Resize your photos, choose the file format and rename them with a new title structure. I am going to resize my photos down to 1200 pixels wide and I want to keep my exported Jpegs under 450 kb. Take a minute to look at my settings.

I added “-web-ready” in file naming just to demonstrate how it works (optional)

Hit Save and wait patiently. I told Camera Raw to export to a new folder so let’s go take a look.

Here you can see all of my exported jpeg files are below 450kb. And they have all had the text “-web-ready” added to them. Success!

What if a file comes out bigger than I wanted?

There is a minimum limit to image file size. Even with a compression quality of 0%, an image file size can only go so low. When you reach this limit the only option is to reduce the dimensions of the image. You have to choose between quality and dimensions sometimes.

The Downside to this method

The main issue with using Camera Raw to mass edit a bulk of images is you cannot run any actions as you can with Photoshop. However, in this situation, I would simply use Photoshop first to run the actions and then resize the outputted files using Bridge / Raw afterwards.

I hope this helps somebody out. It has definitely speeded my work up. I wish this option was available in Photoshop but as of the moment, this is not the case.


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