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All MonstaBot products are painstakingly refined and modified before they ever see the light of day. I put a lot of work into everything I sell and it is my aim to provide you with the best possible assets. I personally use everything I sell and you can see for yourself what artwork I have created with each product.

Every item comes with instructional information and support, and each item starts with a commercial licence.


Real Pastel Brush Pack for Photoshop CC

Made from real pastel scans and includes several dynamic brushes which are designed with digital landscape painting in mind. These brushes are great for adding texture and are very good at rendering water and reflections.

Requires Photoshop CC (2017+)

Cosmic Brush Pack for Photoshop CC

The Cosmic Brush Pack is designed to give you the tools to make epic space artwork. This pack was born from my obsession with trying to recreate Hubble style images using nothing more than Photoshop filters and effects.

Requires: Photoshop CC (2017+)

Sale Now On Vector Pack for Commerce

A Sale Now On vector graphic pack which can be quickly added to banners, newsletters and adverts. Includes vector and image files. Adobe software is not essential as file formats are compatible with other software.

Print & Digital use.

Adobe Stock

Check out the stuff I make for my Adobe Stock profile. This includes photos, illustrations and HD video. It also includes a lot of space art which I am currently addicted to making.

A lot of the tutorials on this site are related to the things I have made for stock.

FREE! Focus Fixer Action for Photoshop

A quick little action that generates a sharpen filter and a mask, all you need to do is draw the area you want to sharpen.

I recommend version CC 2017+ it probably works on older versions but I cannot test it, it’s free so give it a go.

Colour Generator for Photoshop CC

Quickly generate similar hue, saturation and brightness variables of any colour with one click.

This action set is great for digital painting, graphic design and quick prototyping in Photoshop.

More products will be added soon, follow me to keep up to date.

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