This is just a quick thing to try if you are experiencing any performance issues or crashes after updating your Adobe Creative Suite Apps. This quick trick may not work for you it just happened to work for me so I thought i would share it.

Warning!!!! – This fix involves deleting files so please be careful and understand that you run the risk of losing some of your work, preferences, pre sets, brushes, collections etc.

Proceed at your own risk! – I am definitely not an IT guy.

I experienced some pretty annoying crashing and freezing after updating Adobe Bridge CC 2019. It was practically unusable. I tried reinstalling Bridge, updating the drivers and all the usual crap but nothing worked.

What did work for me was going into this file directory:

C:\Users\YOUR USER PROFILE\AppData\Local\Adobe

You might need to change your folder options as the folder App Data is hidden by default.

I then deleted the old files and folders leftover from previous versions of Adobe Bridge. I also deleted the files from the latest version too as I had uninstalled it. I then reinstalled bridge and everything is working fine.

When I did this fix I lost all of my collections and presets but I was so desperate I didn’t care. I was a bit reckless so if you are going to try this you should probably backup your files first.

If i had to guess i would say some leftover files where conflicting with the new ones.

Please be careful if you attempt this and make sure you aren’t deleting anything you need.

Hope this helps.

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