This website is dedicated to helping anybody with an interest in digital art and design. The articles on this site are aimed at all abilities and are intended for artists and non-designers alike.

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As much as I love the work, I really enjoy problem-solving which is why I enjoy writing these articles and tutorials. Each problem is like a mini-project and I feel like I owe the internet something because I have used so many tutorials myself.

MonstaBot gives me a chance to fart around…

I currently work part-time as a graphic designer/web designer for an online shop and this site is my side project. I hope to share the things I learn along the way from actually working in the industry.

Although I primarily work with graphic design type work now, I have used tonnes of design software. When I finished college I intended to work in the visual effects industry but I despise cities and crowds so I never went for it.

I am a huge science fiction and fantasy fan and I love epic imaginative art. This site gives me a chance to do the more creative stuff I don’t get to do in my day job. Sometimes all I want to do is make star destroyers and dragons.

Check out my Deviant Art page for bits of artwork, photography and stuff too random for this website.